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Every piece of clothing has a story.

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Welcome to the (Un) Ethical Consumer Podcast (hosted by me, Zoë Goetzmann)!


The (Un)Ethical Consumer Podcast is a sustainable fashion podcast that looks at the stories that we - as consumers and regular shoppers - tell through our favourite pieces of clothing and the journeys which led them to our closets. The goal of this podcast is to generate a discussion around sustainable fashion, bringing awareness to the need for 'sustainability,' sustainable business and design practices.

What to expect from each episode:


In each episode, the host (me, Zoë!) invites fashion industry professionals, experts, artists, designers, creatives on her show to discuss their approach to design and what working in the fashion industry is really like from a personal, practical (and even a holistic) lens. 

"The (Un)Ethical Consumer is my own passion project and 'love letter' to the fashion industry - reminding us that - not all of us are 'perfect' or sustainable when it comes to our shopping habits. I hope that anyone who listens to our episodes develops an appreciation for how clothing is made and designed in this wonderful world that we call 'fashion.'"


x Zoë (the 'UnEthical Consumer')

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